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Cute Girl Selling 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 for $3,800!

Illustration for article titled Cute Girl Selling 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 for $3,800!
Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

It's getting harder and harder to sell a car these days. But here's a Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ford Galaxie from a seller who knows how to get our attention.


Over the years, sex has been used to sell everything from Virginia State Tourism to Valtrex. In the automotive world, having an attractive woman, or man, demonstrate the features of a Motorama debutant is S.O.P., and throwing a few cheesecake shots into your ebay motors auction isn't going to cost you page hits.

There was nothing sexy about the new-for-1965 Ford Galaxie, but it was a solid entrant into the mid-sixties family sedan market. It served the purpose for which it was intended- semi-stylish transportation for frugal car shoppers, and to keep Ford competitive against the Chevelles, Coronets, and others of their ilk that plied for buyers dollars. The Galaxie was neither ostentatious nor exclusive, as it was meant to appeal to the broad market, and if The Wonder Years showed us anything (and it didn't), it was that this was the car that your dad would inevitably bring home, after both you and he were jonesing over the hot red Mustang in the dealership.


But that's not to say the 1965 Galaxie was without merit- it was the first domestic Ford to incorporate a coil-spring rear suspension. Putting NASCAR learning to good use, Ford also provided the car with tauter rear axle location via a twin control arm-panhard rod set up. The Galaxie was also made available with a selection of engines, ranging from the 240cid six, to the rabid, 425bhp Thunderbird 427. Pretty much any option available in the day was offered on the Galaxie.

Here we have a '65 Galaxie 500 in two-door form, as well as a lovely young lady to call attention to certain assets. Let's compare the two models on display. Both have substantial rear bumpers. They both have headlights which are "stacked", and it's possible that you might get screwed with either. She brings a certain level of sex appeal to a car that, as we have noted, is lacking in that quality. There have been many successful efforts to merge sex and cars- Nash seats; necker knobs; tinted windows; truck nuts, but this Galaxie has none of those. It also is not the fastback Nascar-clone that the seller claims, and the many, many images that they do offer, paints a picture of a tired car that isn't ready to consummate the relationship, much less get you back to your love shack with any assurance. It does have a 289 V8 and floor-shifted manual, so it should provide some interaction while driving, although the general condition, and note about the busted steering column mean you'd probably better skip the foreplay.

Because of all that, they're only asking $3,800 for this out-of-this-world Ford. And that steering column won't be too hard to fix. The dash pad could be replaced, and the nest of mice apparently living in the driver's seat backrest could be disinterred. You could pick up most of the mechanical parts at Pep Boys, and as an AZ car, there's doesn't seem to be any road rot, so you could be up and cruising in it before you know it. Then you'd be just a porkpie hat and a soul patch away from hipster heaven.

So do you think you could be seduced into plunking down $3,800 to take the plunge with this provocatively presented '65 Galaxie? Or is that price too high for you, knowing that- like in most marriages- the sex ends with the I-dos?

You decide!

Illustration for article titled Cute Girl Selling 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 for $3,800!
Illustration for article titled Cute Girl Selling 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 for $3,800!

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Oh that motor...

When I was young I had a '65 Mustang with a 289, 4bbl & 3 speed, standard.

It would spin the tires at 80 km/h with a quick down-shift.

This is a nice price.