COTD: How To Properly Maintain Your Custom Car Edition

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The TGUSA crew took over our office for a while this afternoon and expressed their love of cats and tire smoke. It ruled, but it wasn't the only revelation we got today.


We had Dax Shepard on for an AMA and he taught everyone a lesson in how to properly maintain your cherished custom car.



- Allow drinks in car, Y/N?
- Music playing in car?
- Kids in the Continental?


All forms of partying are welcome in the Lincoln.

Think of it as a 700 horsepower super 8 motel.

Do you hear that all of you anal-retentive owners showing off your ride at a car show, afraid that the slightest fingerprint will disturb its priceless perfection? Let the world appreciate it. Take kids for rides, do burnouts, let your car be lived in. You will have done good for society.

Photo Credit: Hit And Run

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I think the best way you can do good for society regarding show cars is getting rid of those creepy fucking dolls that people lean against the car.

What the fuck is with that, and why the fuck are people doing that? Every time I see one I want to punt it as hard as I can.