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We’ve known the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe has been coming for a few months now, as BMW has been playing the OEM teaser game. The car is built and exists, but hasn’t yet been shown in full. Late last week an image of the 8GC made its way onto the internet. Car and Driver confirmed with BMW that the image is real and beautiful. We’ll see more of the 8 series Gran Coupe when it is officially unveiled on Tuesday, June 18.


According to BMW Blog, an automotive reviewer in Singapore got their hands on an 8 Gran Coupe to review and released a slew of images. You can see a couple more shots of the exterior here, and all of the interior here.

Inside the 8 Gran Coupe you have seating for five, despite rear seats sculpted to look like a pair of buckets, an attractive dashboard, optional twin sunroof panels, and a strangely attractive two-tone color palette.

I like most of the design here, but I still can’t get over BMW’s insistence on including gills behind the front wheel of everything it makes. And it could tone down the aggressiveness by a factor of two. Otherwise, it’s not bad.


The 8-series is currently available in a traditional two-door coupe. Only one model is on sale now, the M850i XDrive Coupe, with all-wheel drive, and a turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine, which starts at $111,900. BMW has traditionally priced Coupe and Gran Coupe models near identically, so expect a similarly equipped M850i XDrive Gran Coupe to be the same price, there or thereabouts.

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