BMW released the above image and three others as a way of teasing the buying public about a possible i8 replacement coming in the next couple of years. They’re calling the thing BMW Vision M NEXT as a performance foil to the BMW Vision iNEXT, and conscripted Adrian van Hooydonk to design it. He gave famed German sculptor and photographer Thomas Demand a sneak peek at the car, and he crafted a replica of the car in paper and cardboard, then took these photographs.


Oh no, I messed up, they’re supposed to be oriented portrait... Yeah, these definitely look more like a car.

“Like most artists, I’m fascinated by things we haven’t seen before, images still to be discovered. So I was delighted to accept the invitation of Adrian van Hooydonk and his team. I think the way I look at photography puts me in a good place to bring out essential, abstract elements. The M NEXT study is a highly complex vehicle whose radical design extends beyond the job description of an everyday model. A concept like this represents a very interesting opportunity for me to transport these ideas and future forms into the public consciousness.” Thomas Demand.

So far BMW is giving zero indication as to what the M NEXT will be when it reaches whatever culminating point they have planned for it, but it’s already being described as “the new era of Sheer Driving Pleasure” and will demonstrate “how technology can be harnessed to enhance driving pleasure.” That sounds fine and good. It’s the next line that scares me.


“In the new age of mobility, intelligent technologies will fuel sporty driving and the person at the wheel will be turned into the ultimate driver.”

Oh cool, it’s computers that will somehow make me a better driver. Is this actually going to be fun to drive, or are BMW trying to build a road-going roller coaster?


BMW explains: Whether it’s the relaxation of EASE driving in the BMW Vision iNEXT or a dynamic BOOST experience at the helm of the BMW Vision M NEXT, in both cases people – and their emotions and needs – take centre stage, design and technology enriching the desired driving experience.


Okay, what in the word salad does that mean?


I don’t know what any of this means, but I’d definitely hang it on my wall.

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