Blip: A Car Club Is Born

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Photo: Jason Torchinsky

Back when I moved from Los Angeles to Chapel Hill, NC some years back, I was really lamenting leaving what is, I think, perhaps the best Car City in America. And while I still believe that, I’m happy to say my new home is doing pretty well, and here’s proof: this lineup of a little informal interesting/weird/cool-car get-together me and four other car-give-a-shitter-abouters set up.


It’s a pretty good mix: a lovely ‘66 Beetle, a mint ‘70s Mini, my Pao, my friend’s new Nissan Figaro, and a glorious, if a bit ratty, Citroën SM.

It was almost a sub-100 hp club, but the SM changed that, which was fine by us.

There’s fantastic cars all 0ver, once you start looking.

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I wish I could find some other “Weird Car People” around my parts, but all the car shows and clubs around here are boomer Vette/Muscle people, PA Dubbers” or Brodozers... Not enough respect for Italian designed Japanese engineering here.