Bless This Guy Renting His Pristine 1994 Mazda RX-7 For $950 Per Day

In all things, it’s important to know your own worth. In the case of one guy listing his perfect-condition 1994 Mazda RX-7 on Turo, that worth is just shy of $1000 per day.

There are those of you out there who might be doubting the valuation of Patrick, the guy renting out his FD RX-7, and that’s fine. Don’t rent his car. You don’t have to.


But there are those who appreciate one of the most refined designs in automotive history, paired with one of the best-handling chassis in modern years, paired with a beguiling twin-turbo, two-rotor rotary engine. It’s an easy car to love, though not exactly an easy car to own.

That’s sort of what makes it the perfect car to rent, which is presumably why Patrick wants nearly a grand from you to take it out for a day.


Again, though this is very much a modern classic, it’s not the youngest car, and parts and upkeep aren’t easy, nor is driving it the most thoughtless experience, as Patrick warns any renter:

This is a very well cared for car with only 78k original miles on the body and motor and will only be rented to those that fully appreciate what it is, how to drive and enjoy it properly without any abuse. Motor rebuilds are expensive after all :)


He continues that this is not a car that will save you if you drive it like a moron:

Rent it, feel the rush of the turbos non-sequential boost pattern, be amazed at the incredibly well balanced handling and powerful brakes this car has to offer. There are no driver aids other than ABS and this car rewards a patient and focused driver.


There is no safety net. A quick look at the specs and a set of slick tires clears up any doubt of that:

A long list of streetable mods that enhance the performance of the car including additional fuel(ecu), boost(controller 9/14psi), full 3" exhaust, aggressive EBC brake pads, slotted rotors, Double adjustable coilovers, Racing Beat adjustable sway bars, 18" OZ Superleggera or BBS Motorsport wheels on full slicks and many others. This is the incredibly rare R2 package with only 156 being imported in 1994.


As such, there is only the built-in caution of getting a grand from the renter the moment it leaves the driveway.

For what it’s worth, the car has one good review, saying that its renter was great and driving it was “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” one that’s “not for the faint of heart.”


Honestly, I can’t fault this Patrick guy. He’s making me think of renting out my ‘74 Volkswagen with a wonky turn signal for a reasonable price as well. I think $10,000 and a promise to drive it into a river is a fair deal.

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