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Was there ever an option to not accept it?

No, in that case, it’s wonderful.

The plan relies on her being in on it

what’s your gearshift knob look like? Have a pic?

Oooh, yeah, smart! You want in?

this is one of the nicer ways of reminding people I’m absurdly compact

I also showed my Pao, too. That’s easily half the value of a Spyker. But you’re right, there aren’t a lot of good examples, because, as I said, almost everyone hides fasteners.

But that’s the real core of the problem: WHY do we associate hidden fasteners with quality? It in no way is evidence of quality, and showing actually high-quality fasteners would say so much more. Why can’t we break this silly belief?

Fair enough, but let’s hear your side! What would be so bad about exposed screw heads on your grab handles or visor mounts?

She kind of is. Also, she has three legs. This post has some good pics of her: https://jalopnik.com/can-you-use-a-canned-ham-as-a-bumper-guard-1667080394

I said it’s good at what it’s for, many times in there! I’m not going to fake excitement. This is an absolutely fine choice for many, many people, and I genuinely hope they love it.

I guess just stop? I think the difference here is that a human would look around for cops, think “fuck it,” and drive past.

wow, holy shit, I’d not seen that. It’s terrible!

Oh, I see, it’s an anti-Semitic thing. Great. For those browsing, that piece of bread up there has the subtle image of that old-school evil Jew caricature that you can Google if you really want to see it. I’m not going to ban you yet, may as well let other readers see who you are, and what this is about. Read more