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Apr 16

“Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.” And I didn’t Google that.

Apr 13

No, no you don’t. If someone is making you, tap three times on your monitor and I’ll send help.

Apr 8


Mar 30

ha ha ha yes, yes, you’re completely right jezzis what the fuck is wrong with me today 

Mar 30

No, man, I just said April Fools’ was tomorrow instead of the day after. I mis-did the knuckle-month thing.

Mar 24

No, man, this isn’t a piece shitting on the Richest Man In The World, this is a piece shitting upon some really awful UX decisions. Sad is not being able to deal with actual valid critiques of technology without feeling like it’s an attack on Elon Musk, who I suspect will weather this onslaught just fine. Read more

Mar 24

The only advantage I can see is perhaps this is cheaper to produce—it’s all in software, and there’s no physical controls for shifting, so that might save some pennies.”

Mar 23

Wow! This is amazing because 1. I’m communication with an actual Honda Clarity owner, and B. This was decided as a good solution to try again. No hinged louver panel, though. Would you want an aftermarket one of those?