Jason Torchinsky
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Have none of these people read your book?

This level means the driver doesn’t have to pay attention when the car is in control, but still needs to be ready to take over if requested. Read more

None of us can quite grasp the panic Torch must have felt after damaging his favorite part of his most cherished vehicle.
I’m glad to see that he was able to fix them.
Although, obtaining replacement Pao tail lights would have made a great series of articles.

I’m stealing "before/post-before" fyi

so the takeaway here is

step 1: deet the hell out of your lights
step 2: rinse well
step 3: wash thoroughly with a citric acid based cleaner to remove any residue Read more

I was already working at a Datsun dealership by then (since ‘77) and I remember this well.  We had a deaf man who came in and bought the 1st one available and was extremely excited about it.  He could ‘feel’ the music.  Not so ridiculous in that case.  

Normie here, just to agree 100% with all of your suggestions.

I’ve always thought there should be a mandated “E-CELL” modular battery cell for electric vehicles, that, when combined together, would make up a vehicle’s entire battery pack cell payload, though each full battery pack could be wildly different.

The E-CELL would have common voltage/current specs and a standardized phy Read more

Thank you for not making a slideshow out of this. I love you Torch.

I think what you’re describing, if I am imagining the inner workings of your brain correctly, is an electrified Volvo 240 with steelies, but amphibious, yes? I am absolutely behind this idea.

The point about trash management and cleanliness is actually pretty big. To take it further, I’d suggest the interior should be better designed to limit the available tiny nooks and crannies that collect crumbs, dog hair, dust, etc. The gaps between seats, under seat rails, dashboard/console pockets. So many cars have Read more

I think so much of the “OMG SELF DRIVING CAR” stuff is completely stupid and pointless. What you suggest here, though, is exactly the small part of it I do think makes sense. Especially along heavy commuter routes, set the road up, set the systems up, etc. etc. to be able to safely cope with stop and go traffic. The Read more

The idea of standardization is really the only thing needed. Everything else is gravy if we ever got standardization of most components. Why? Read more

Jason, outlier and idiot share three letters, both start a vowels, and both have 3 syllables. That’s a lot of overlap for us idiots to call ourselves an outlier instead!

Its not exactly a cupholder with a drain, but my mom had an early 90s Chevy Astro van. The third row seat armrests were coolers that had drains that emptied outside the van. So the technology is there, but so far manufacturers have been too chicken to give it to us.

Forgiving bodywork and bumpers came out in the 80s.

Yup. You did it again Jason.

A waterproof inside with a decent floor drain... solved. 

@Jason - you are missing one critical problem - when you open the capsule door, Wally Funk will climb out and hand you your ass.

If that movie isn’t called Fas10 Your Seatbelts, there will be riots.