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Jan 11

On Alibaba, they’re offering an appearance package with this fine upbadging:

Jan 11

My brain could hold useful information but now it just has minutia about a golf cart for elderly Chinese people.

Jan 8

I think it looks like an elephant standing on a loading dock.

Jan 6

Can we start trivia back up? I know it was a hot mess, but I was part of that hot mess! 

Dec 30

This is nice and all, but can we get back to the Chang-Li content? I’m wanting an ongoing series where the Chang-Li attempts to assume the role of every type of car in the market. I want to see the Chang-Li try to tow a boat, bus kids to school, midnight drift race, do Uber pickups - the works! And after you win a Read more

Dec 22

The site is for people that enjoy driving. The idea of a self driving system, that doesn’t work, is completely unsafe and promotes lazy shitty driving habits goes against every part of my being. Also worth mentioning, Elon is a fucking twat. There are hundreds of Tesla fan boy sites on the internet, go slob on Elons Read more

Dec 22

Torch is one of the best writers on Jalopnik. There is good reason to be skeptical. His point is that calling a system “full self-driving” when it isn’t actually fully self driving is dangerous. It’s an advance drivers aid. Really advance. Torch didn’t dispute that. Kudos to Tesla and what they’ve achieved. Hoorah! It Read more

Dec 22

Do current customers think they’ll get Level 4/5 eventually? Most people in the industry (outside of Tesla) argue that the hardware is incapable of this due to simple, obvious things like sensor redundancy and cleaning.

Dec 22

Whatever man. There are major issues with it and it needs to be taken with skepticism. We are years away from it. The morons driving Telsas have proven it. You don’t like it then don’t hang around. 

Dec 22

It’s written as if the people who choose to buy the FSD option are somehow tricked about what they’re getting. Nobody who pays for this option today thinks it’s feature complete yet. Read more

Dec 22

The currently technology sucks. It’s fine for essentially adaptive cruise control, but I’d never trust it to actually drive itself. Hell I’ve never even used Smart Summon in an empty parking lot. Source: Model 3 owner.

Dec 22

Here’s the test: Put Mrs. Musk, and their baby, in a car with FSD. In the passenger seat, out on a real California highway, in traffic. And see how Elon feels about that. Chances are, if they do it for any length of time, Grimes and X Æ A-12 might be the subjects of a lovely obituary. Read more

Dec 18

Oh man, my dad was so far ahead of his time... I wish I could find a photo, but he was doing stuff like this back in the 80's. He got an old lawn tractor at a farm auction, took off the mower deck (which didn’t work, iirc), and beefed it up as a little run-about on our farm. That thing was hilarious! The transmission Read more