At $7,450, Would You Rock-On In This SBC-Powered 1968 Toyota FJ40?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Chevy’s 350 V8 may be the go-to choice to pump up the grunt of Jeep’s beloved CJs, but as today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe FJ proves, it can make for a fun Toy too. Let’s see if this almost-there Land Cruiser’s price has you just as pumped.

Motorcycles and cars are very different animals. If you were however, to take one of each to say, the Island of Dr. Moreau, and combine them mad scientist-fashion, you might just come up with an amalgamation something like yesterday’s 1995 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast.


That bike featured many auto-like cues, including enveloping bodywork masking its mechanicals, and a full lockable boot to boot. That made it an interesting opportunity for both bike and car habitués and at $2,500 it proved a deal for either, taking home a solid 66 percent Nice Price win.

There’s scene in The Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood visit a diner run by Aretha Franklin under the pretense of ordering lunch. Jake asks for four fried chickens and a coke while his brother Elwood wants nothing more than some simple toasted white bread. I think it’s that disparity in desires that demonstrates why Jake went to Joliet while Elwood remained a free man—the simple folk aren’t typically the troublemakers.

That theory of basic also being bland is thrown somewhat askew by today’s 1968 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. I mean, it’s about as basic a vehicle as you could imagine—even more so than yesterday’s Honda, and that thing only had two wheels! This FJ comes with cart spring suspension and weather protection that requires a good bit of assembling. It’s pretty safe to say however, that with its Chevy V8 and FJ bonafides, this old Toyota is far more Jake than it is Elwood.


The two-door Land Cruiser has always been Japan’s Jeep and fills the same role as that American icon does in its homeland. Here, it’s far less common than Jeep’s perennial rock hopper and so to find one that has been kitted out in rough and ready form and sporting a Bow Tie-built small block is a bit of a treat.


The seller says that the FJ comes with a clean title and is, in his words, “one of the more solid trucks I’ve seen rust-wise.” There is some road rot evident here, most notably at the bottom of the later model doors and under the driver’s perch. The underside shot seems to show solid frame rails and suspension mounts so it’s unlikely to fold up on you on the way home.

The engine is claimed to run “STRONG,” and features an Edelbrock carb sitting atop the same brand’s intake. HEI ignition sparks the bowls while over the rail headers (the exhaust equivalent of manspreading) send after-products aft-ward.


At present, the 350 is paired with a three-speed manual, however the seller notes in the ad that he has amassed a bunch of parts for updating the truck and among those are a THM350 and center diff to convert it to an automatic. Many of you may beg off those bits, but you would likely approve of the GM power steering and disc brake updates that are apparently boxed up and also ready to go.


Both of those replacements are seemingly needed for the truck to be a safe driver so potential buyers may want to calculate a tow or trailer rental into their purchase decisions.


Up top, there’s a pair of seats out of lord knows what, and dutch doors out back. A new bikini top covers those seats and there’s apparently a full cap that comes along. That’s shown in a single pic but is not mentioned in the ad, so perhaps it’s “for display only.”


There’s a lot of this project left to do, but being as simple as it is, how hard could that be? I mean, working on this isn’t going to be much of a challenge to most half-way competent backyard mechanics. The question however, is how much would you pay to take on the necessary work?

The asking price here is $7,450 and while that’s a lot for a semi-running road car of mixed parentage, it’s not all that much when you factor in the fact that it’s an FJ40. People love and covet these, and so it’s now time for you to weigh in on how covetable this one is at that $7,450 price.


What do you think, is this Chevy-imbued FJ40 worth that kind of cash? Or, is this a mixed breed mutt that’s too much of a dog to ask that much?

You decide!


Portland, OR Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to RevUnlimiter for the hookup!

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