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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Grand Wagoneer isn’t a woody, but its custom wrap is perhaps just as interesting. We’ll have to determine if that, and its price, might have you questioning “would I?”

So, as averred by 78 percent of you, $15,000 may have been too much to ask for yesterday’s 1979 Ford F150 4X4. If you check around on prices of ‘70s pickups however, you’ll see that it perhaps wasn’t as far off the mark as many in the comments contended.

That’s not all that surprising. I’ll be the first to admit that there are certain commodities the prices of which simply befuddle me. Take cell phones for instance. There’s something that used to be almost given away, and now they can cost a grand or more. And don’t get me started on what a good hooker apparently costs these days—or so I have read.

I think the most perplexing is the rise in values on old Jeep SJ Wagoneers. Really nice examples can and do command high five-figure prices. That’s a lot of cash and is why I’m finding this 1989 Grand Wagoneer so compelling despite its, let’s say, eccentricities.


The seller claims that this truck was once owned by a Vietnam Vet which explains its somewhat nightmare inducing tagger art wrap and the POW/MIA artwork on the back pumpkin. He says he is assisting in the sale for a neighbor who took the truck from the Vet in compensation for what is claimed to have been “services rendered.”

The bodywork may be a bit much for carline at your kid’s private school but underneath the riot is what’s claimed to be an almost entirely rust-free body and frame. To that has been appended a bunch of mods, all done in what the seller claims was a “frame-up” rebuild that cost $12K. The work included a lift kit, new BFGs, a winch, and custom front and rear bumpers.


That was all done approximately three years ago at the same time the AMC 360 V8 was rebuilt. That mill now sports a new Holly 2BBL carb that the seller says still needs to be dialed in. Seriously, that’s like saying the A/C just needs a recharge—it could be the fact or it could be masking a darker issue.

Other potential issues include a cracked windshield and a driver’s seat that is torn and grungy. That’s been covered by an even less appealing cover that looks like its only purpose is to slide you into the footwell on the first hard stop.


We don’t get to see the back seat because it’s folded up and the spare is guarding it in ominous fashion. Behind that, the rear portion of the cabin looks to be in decent if utilitarian shape.


The ad notes some suspension work but the neighbor giving the assist doesn’t really know the deets on all that. He does aver that it’s had just 2K under its tires in the past three years. There are 197,000 on the clock in total, and there’s a clear title in the trade.

The asking here is $4,700 which, as I noted, is cheap for a Wagoneer that isn’t rusted out or carrying the plague. The question for you is whether this one’s customizations add to its value, or detract. On the one hand, it’s just a wrap. On the other, it has plenty of potential for terrifying children and offending people who deserve to be offended.


So, what do you think, is this custom and seemingly solid Grand Wagoneer worth that $4,700 asking? Or, does that price make this Jeep MIA too?

You decide!


Albuquerque, NM Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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