Ad Watch: T.I. And Dale Jr. Play Ride-Swap For Chevy At Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 actually lives up to the "Super Bowl of racing" tag-line in one way, that's the commercials. And with NASCAR commercials, there's one thing that everyone agrees on: racers in jumpsuits and country western sell. That's why even if the Chevy brand's trying to look "cool," "hip" and "with it" brandishing a rapper like T.I. (last seen in Chevy's Super Bowl of Super Bowl's ad) as it's corporate singing shill of shivery cool, they've still got to do it with Dale Earnhardt Jr showing up and with "Sweet Home Alabama" playing in the background to resonate with the NASCAR dads. Because despite T.I.'s Hotlanta roots, until he does a down-home cover of Rapper's Delight with Cowboy Troy, wethinks maybe the "mainstream NASCAR viewer" ain't gonna like him driving Dale Jr.'s whip so much. The first ad, shown above, is called "Switcheroo" and the second ad, called "Infield," is below the jump. Both feature the Chevy Impala SS and a look at Chevy's "Car of Tomorrow."


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