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Well, Big n' Rich just sang the national anthem, and we're all set up in our comfy chair ready to watch some racing. Stick with us today as we keep y'all in the know on the latest happenings in what's been dubbed "the Super Bowl of racing." We'd call it that ourselves but although it's got some big money ads, we're not entirely convinced it's a "Super Bowl" if there aren't lines at every bar around — and as we've been reading, that's not always the case above the Mason-Dixon line. Oh wait, Nick Cage's asked for gentlemen (and unlike the Indy 500, it's still the case) to start their let's get ready to race, or you know, go around in a circle.


3:30:17 PM: This is our country, this is our Chevy Corvette pace car.

3:30:51 PM: And "Boogedy, Boogedy" to you too!

3:31:10 PM: Let's start the racing

3:32:31 PM: I honestly can't hear Waltrip in the booth anymore without thinking of his Cars alter-ego Darryl Cartrip.

3:36:27 PM: Dayle Jr.'s showing some smoke...

3:36:36 PM: ...but it looks like it's just tire smoke.

3:38:59 PM: Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Beyond Thunderdome!




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