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Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images Sport

I was seriously considering trying to live-blog the pole qualifying laps for the Daytona 500, but after a mere five minutes watching the left-turn only driving, I was in snoozeville. But, like what happens to me when "watching" televised golf, I found myself approaching levels of consciousness only when the announcement team of Mike Joy and Darrell Waltrip would get loud excited about some silliness. The only difference between sleeping through watching golf and NASCAR pole qualifying would have to be instead of getting excited about Tiger nuttin' the ball, the NASCAR team was gettin' excited about the new nuts on the Charger nose, Boris Said-Heads and when nuttin' about the man Fox booth boy Mike Joy Larry McReynolds called Juan Pay-bloy Mon-tow-a. And speaking of Juan, he took a hell of a good second lap for a "rookie" in his Texaco/Havoline Dodge and as of now, he's holdin' third place of cars that have already run today. Pardon us while we go back to snoozing. We'll let you know if anything else excitin' happens, but don't bet on that happening.


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