Super Bowl Ad Watch: Chevy Gives Corvette Racing Driver Johnny O'Connell A Chance To Be An Idol For America

One more Super Bowl ad's breached the gates at a Detroit tower of auto power. Today's break comes to us from the RenCen and it's one of the two spots from Chevrolet (the second one's going to be that college kid produced one). This commercial, called "Ain't We Got Love" features a host of stars and a bevy of non-stars singing their love for Chevy products. You've got folks like Dale Jr., and Mary J. Blige, some rapper named TI and Big n' Rich. But that's the usual silliness you'd expect to see. In our minds, the ad is both amazing and hilarious for one reason and one reason only — Corvette racing team driver and always friendly Jalopnik interview subject, Johnny O'Connell. But it's not just that it's a Super Bowl ad that features O'Connell — it's that it's a Super Bowl ad that features O'Connell singing. The thought of watching this stud of a racin' man with the most wins in Sebring history, the holder of three wins at the 24 Hours...

...of Lemans, and all-around good guy singing on national television makes us laugh harder than we've laughed in a while. It's simply epic. Come back later this afternoon where we'll show you the next pilfered ad being shown on Sunday, and then we'll be letting you vote for your fave.


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That was gayer than Liberace and Richard Simmons making out.

Did you notice that they had to change the lyrics of that "ride a cowboy" country song so they wouldn't put down the Escalade? And yeah, what's up with Daytons on the Corvette?