Who's Johnny (O'Connell)?

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If you're a fan of racing, he's someone you should know — because we believe he could quite possibly be one of the most important folks in the sport of racing. O'Connell may not be know to the casual race fan — he doesn't drive NASCAR, he doesn't drive Formula One, he doesn't drive IndyCar (anymore). No, O'Connell drives in a very unusually American kind of circuit — the American Le Mans Series. And in that circuit, O'Connell drives a very American kind of car — the Chevy Corvette. O'Connell's racked up an impressive list of finishes over the past few years including:

• 2003 GTS Champion
• 2004 GTS Champion
• Most wins in Sebring history
• 3 Time Winner at 24 Hours of Lemans


Yes, yes that's all well and good — but what makes us most delighted to talk about O'Connell is the hard work he's done to make the Z06 the fastest Corvette ever. Two of us had an opportunity to sit down for dinner with O'Connell last night...

...and we talked with him about life, cars, his free time and his love of Ultimate Fighting. We'll have more on our chit-chat later on today, but for now — check out O'Connell's site.

Johnny O'Connell

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