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In case you missed the "fun" and "excitement" of the first 185 laps of yesterday's "Super Bowl of racing" — and our tremendous coverage — you missed out on a really superb nap. But if you missed the last 15 laps — you missed a helluva good show. It wasn't just for the close finish, it was because it was such a wild finish. As cars headed up the frontstretch towards the finish on the final lap — and as more than a dozen drivers thought they had a shot at history — a little friend named "chaos" paid a visit to Daytona International Speedway. You see, while race leaders Kevin Harvick and Mark Martin were jockeying for the lead, behind them cars began spinning into the walls and into the infield like a slot car set running with just a bit too much juice. With one car careening wildly toward the pits, and others shooting off into walls and other cars, we saw one of the oddest things we've yet seen in a race, Clint Bowyer's #07 Jack Daniel's Chevrolet, sliding upside down like a matchbox car, on fire, past the finish line. Beyond the flag-line, the car hit the infield, flipping back over onto it's wheels. I mean, we knew NASCAR was easier than your average racing circuit, but we never realized it was easy enough that you could finish a race upside down and oh yes, on fire. Full gallery of Bowyer's hoonage below, proving yet again that Jack Daniel's and racing don't normally mix — unless of course you're a viewer.


All photos by: Jonathan Ferrey and Jamie Squire / Getty Images Sport


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