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With Kurt Busch following Tony Stewart's loose ass into the oblivion of an early exit to the Daytona 500, we're now into the last 50 laps of the "Super Bowl of Racing." We've now got Martin Truex Jr. in the #1 Chevy car leading, with Mark Martin in the #01 Chevy car (not to be confused with the #1 car) following closely behind and Kyle Busch in 3rd place in his #5 Chevy. Yay, only 30-some-odd laps to go!


6:06:40 PM: It's anyone's race now

6:06:50 PM: The lead pack's so big that anyone could pull off a win

6:07:59 PM: Kenseth and McMurray are in 1st and 2nd now, and Truex has dropped down to 3rd, with Mark Martin in 4th and Busch in 5th — and all of them within 4 tenths of a second.

6:11:15 PM: Jimmie Johnson and David Reutimann just got tangled up and crashed.

6:11:20 PM: How the hell did that happen?

6:11:43 PM: Jimmie hit Reutimann

6:11:58 PM: I think they just took out like 4 cars. Best line is when Reutimann gets Jimmie full-on and his crew says "go up! go up!" and Reutimann just says "wish I could."

6:14:33 PM: With 24 laps to go, you've got Truex in 1st, Kyle Busch in 2nd, Mark Martin in 3rd and Casey Mears in 4th — a wacky foursome of Chevy in the top slots.

6:16:02 PM: Wow, Tony Stewart's even an ass in Subway commercials!

6:18:40 PM: Mark "Old Man" Martin's out in front for the past two laps.

6:25:08 PM: Oh wait, FoMoCo's making a run at the front — Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth are pushing hard at Mark Martin!

6:25:16 PM: 16 laps to go — thank jeebus.

6:25:58 PM: Did anyone notice where Dale Jr.'s gone? Oh wait, there he is — 6th place — 8 tenths of a second behind Martin in the lead.

6:29:23 PM: 5th caution of the day. Apparently someone blew their "wad?"

6:31:02 PM: Oh wait, that'd be Dave Blaney, and his #22 Toyota car that shot the hell out of pit lane and smacked into you know, like everyone.

6:31:10 PM: 12 laps to go.

6:31:32 PM: Mark Martin's team is listening to other team's radios

6:31:52 PM: Apparently the rest of the drivers want to "gang"-bang Mark Martin or something.

6:37:51 PM: Mark Martin has to stay in the lead but "close to the rest of the pack, or he's gonna be a sitting duck"

6:38:05 PM: Busch is making a run at Kenseth

6:38:19 PM: Martin, Biffle, Busch, Kenseth — 7 laps to go.

6:38:38 PM: Gilliland's moving up to 8th now!

6:38:40 PM: Busch in 2nd!

6:40:08 PM rwert3: Mark Martin's holding the lead — and holding the yellow line at the bottom of the track

6:40:16 PM: Jeff Burton's showing up in the pack too

6:40:52 PM: "Tires are smokin' sheet metal draggin' but we're still racin'!"

6:41:07 PM: #26 Jamie McMurray, having some problems, and caution will be out

6:41:20 PM: Dale Jr's down! Dale Jr's down!

6:41:33 PM: Oof, Jr's car is crushed!

6:41:49 PM: We may go to overtime if we complete 200 laps under caution.

6:41:56 PM: 4 laps to go — now under caution

6:45:30 PM: Ok, we were just explained the world's weirdest overtime system.

6:45:58 PM: All the cars have been held up and stopped under red flag, and they're cleaning up the track

6:46:21 PM: When the race is re-started, they'll get a green flag and have 2 laps under green unless another yellow comes out

6:46:28 PM: This is just strange to me.


Photo by: AP via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News


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