A Topless 2000 Jeep Cherokee for $6,500?

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The Jeep Wrangler offers what is presently this country's only 4-door 4x4 convertible. If even that's just too common for you, then today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom Cherokee might just top your heap, that is if its price doesn't make you blow your top.

There are two trails associated with the name Cherokee, the national shame that was the Trail of Tears, and, far less tragically, the Rubicon Trail, which is where many a Jeep Cherokee has proved its mettle.

Jeep has used the Cherokee name on various products for decades, and while today there is wrangling (see what I did there?) over the use of a slur against Native Americans as the name of D.C.'s football team, I don't thin anyone has ever considered that Jeep has ever shown any disrespect by having adopted the Cherokee name for their four-by-fours.


Cutting off a Cherokee's roof however, might just be seen as an insolent act, no matter what your heritage. This 2000 Cherokee 4-door has been so decapitated, for reasons that go unexplained in its ad. It does have what appears to be a stout 8-point roll cage installed in the roof's stead, which would hopefully prevent the now open 4x4 from becoming as floppy as a old school DOS disk.


Why would you cut the roof off your Cherokee? Well, maybe you run some sort of wild animal park tour business and you want to provide your patrons with unfettered views of your subjugated moneymakers. This 110K truck is offered in San Diego where they have just such parks where you can see tons of really bored-looking exotic fare.

Alternatively, you cut the roof off your Cherokee simply because you yourself are bored and you want to spice up your life. From the description, this truck is a little spicier than stock, as its 4.0 has been gifted a new cam, some intake and exhaust enhancements, and a fancy-pants chip for the ECU to make those changes worth while.


It also has some big-ass tires (255/75-17s) and a light bar on the top of the windscreen that's reminiscent of the one on that spaceship in Close Encounters. The paint looks good and, aside from the lack of weather protection, seems relatively stock.


We're suffering from a pretty sucky drought here in California so there's little worry about this truck lacking a roof. It's simply not worth bothering being concerned about getting rained on, especially down San Diego way. I'm still at a loss for the why of this truck, but I'm kind of digging the how as it has some sort of oddball appeal. Maybe it's my present penchant for VW 181s that makes this seem so attractive.


You'll now need to decide if this custom Cherokee is worth its $6,500 asking price, or if the top lopping has also cuts the top off its value. What do you think, is this open off roader worth $6,500? Or, is that price an insult to both potential buyers and a proud people?

You decide!


San Diego Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to cougarstable73 for the hookup!

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