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A train on Boston’s Red Line apparently left a station without an operator, the MBTA announced in a statement this morning. Hm. That’s not great.


The train without anyone at the controls left Braintree station at 6:08AM, as WBUR reports. Things didn’t exactly go haywire from there, as the MBTA explained in their statement.

The train made no station stops, proceeded north just past North Quincy Station, when MBTA Operations personnel de-powered the third rail, bringing the train to a complete stop.


So, they just shut off its power and it coasted down to a stop. T personnel then got on the train, took it to the JFK/UMass station, and then got everyone onboard to get off. Nobody was injured.

Service was back up by 10AM, but the MBTA continues to investigate “an initial report that a safety device within the train’s cab may have been tampered with.”



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