The Jeep Grand Cherokee's trail-rated, but is it tail-rated, i.e., will it help you get lucky? Well, maybe not, but Nice Price or Crack Pipe has one that may mean you won't need date rape drugs.

Yesterday we took a breather from the SEMA craziness for a 1980 Cressida that 58% of you took a shine to. That car was dull as dishwater, and wouldn't do much to improve your scoring score, but today we've got a Jeep that, while not donktastic, will at least let you roll with the playas in the ‘Slades.

Here's a '96 Grand Cherokee that's had some work. While Jeep modifications usually lean toward the Brawny paper towel end of things, this one doesn't look like it enjoys getting dirty. But that doesn't mean it's not the quicker-picker-upper! Along with the requisite brush guards and 4" lift, it's rocking a marblized paint job, two-toned seats and shaved Lambo doors. Ice, Ice, baby!

Underneath all that is a K&N-filtered 5.2-litre V8, fat radial T/As, and all-the time all-wheel drive. And while you usually expect a Jeep's rims to be coated mainly in mud, you might think this seller has lost his marbles as he's extended the marbleized paint to those as well.

What does cost for you to be Rollin' with my homies (sippin' yak all night, yeah) in this marbleized masterpiece? Well, the Buy It Now is a there'll be enough left over for a couple a 40s $8,500. Now, it does have a busted A/C and 162,000 on the clock, but who needs A/C when you've got a ride as cool as this? And you know those miles have been mostly racked up cruising for some chronic-by-the-tree.


So, are you down with $8,500 for this custom Jeep? Or, does that price make this Cherokee less Grand?

You decide!

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