Last week's champions, the Enzed dopefiend Kiwi Laser Leapers, stunned the competion with a best-yet 52% of the Hoon of the Week vote tally. However, our short-term-memory-challenged Ford-thrashers had the advantage of facing neither Arabs nor Scandinavians; this week's hoon crop features an entrant from each of the two hoonic epicenters. Make like a Volvo 244 and jump...

Why You Need A Good Ramp


Gravity's Corolla

BMW + Volvo Thrash In Redwood Country


Two-Wheeling, Qatar Style

Gnarly Gnorwegian Volvitude


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So who's it gonna be? Remember, Hoon of the Week winners go on to next week's intergalactic Hoon of the Month poll, so vote like the future of civilization depended on it!

4/20: Who's the Hoon of the Week? You Decide! [internal]