Hoon of the Day: Kiwi Laser Leaping

We haven't seen too much of New Zealand in the Hoon of the Day entries, but let us not forget that the original hoons hailed from those islands! So we know we're in for some hoonage when we first spy these scruffy THC-enhanced gentlemen on the screen, and hoonage we get as they take a beater Ford Laser (a restyled Australian Mazda 323 and close Mercury Capri relative) and get some impressive jump height. +10 points for the excellent altitude and another 5 for the joint hanging from the driver's lips... but then the deductions start: -5 points for cranking the NOFX so freakin' loud we can't hear the car (dudes, we know your choice of Hoon Toon is all rebellious and shit, but put it on your ringback sound or something, eh?) and -7 points for freezing the video at the high point of the best jump. I mean, like, WTF? You freeze the video on one of the goddamn replays of the jump, not the only one we get to see! Stupid hoons! Anyway, when the dust settles, these boys walk away with a healthy 39 Hoon-O-Meter reading.

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The height those fellas get almost makes up for the hoon vid faux pas. That was almost a half pipe those boys launched off of. Damn.