First of all, congrats to the red-eyed Kiwi Laser Leapers for winning last week's Hoon of the Week poll, with a landslide 51% of the votes. You boys continue to beat those survival odds, hear? Maybe Darwin was wrong!

It's clear that one reason the Sprint is such a great hoonmobile is its light weight, enabling hoons with the urge to catch a little air to build flimsy ramps out of, say, a van roof. When you want to jump your monster-tired Land Rover, however, you need something more substantial from which to get that all-important launch. A slab of sheet metal supported by a couple of sticks ain't gonna do the job. Oops! This one gets 5 bonus points for the nerve-shredding sound effects and another 5 for the excessive speed. We're not going to dock any points for the crappy cell-phone-camera video quality because the video is quick, to the point, and not contaminated by soundtrack, but we are docking 10 points for jumping a vehicle that is set up to survive jumps. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 29 points.

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