Hoon of the Day: Sprint Jumping

The Chevy Sprint is a genuinely lovable little car; three earnest cylinders, a Dr. Suess profile, and gas mileage best measured in Astronomical Units per gill. So it stands to reason that the very first thing a hoon is going to do with a lovable little Sprint is jump something! This hoon gets a 15-point deduction for backing off on the throttle well before the ramp, but he gets a 20-point bonus for the great landing. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 44 points.

Hoon Of The Day: The VW Hippie Bus Can Jump! [internal]

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Best hoon of the day yet.

Yep, the Sprint was a Suzuki Swift/Cultus mk1. Then the mk2 became the Geo Metro. Too bad Geo never got to rebadge a Swift GTi.

In an era of GM "currently looking into the idea of small cars", its funny to see just how many Metros are still on the road these days.