So Humboldt County is natural hoon territory, what with its ample doobage, beater cars rusting among the redwoods, economically-challenged gringo youth, and, uh, big stinky purple nugs (we're big fans of Kevin Hoover's awesome crime reports page in the Arcata Eye, of course). Here we have a group of Humboldt boys doing what they do best: acting the fool on a motorcycle, then decorating a couple of 80s cars (BMW 3-series and Volvo 200-series) with skulls-and-crossbones and playing "car chase" in a parking lot. Fairly low-grade hoonage here, but they get 5 bonus points just for being from Humboldt and another 5 for the halfway-decent camera work and editing. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 29 points.

Hoon of the Day: Smoking Volvo [internal]