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2010 Toyota Camry?

Illustration for article titled 2010 Toyota Camry?

UPDATE: 2010 Toyota Camry: Detroit Reveal Makes Us Crave Vanilla Ice Cream

Not really. We're almost 100% sure the top photo, uncovered by the very strange-to-look-at Vince Burlapp, is a Toyota Aurion, the Camry's Australian sibling, and not the 2010 Toyota Camry. Though it isn't the new, next-generation Camry, it is a reminder America's best-selling mid-size car will likely get a makeover soon. Rather than the more bland styling of the Aurion, we suspect the next face lift for the Camry will include the sharper headlights of the Matrix and U-shaped grille of the new Corolla. We've also been told to expect the next Camry update to include at least one new engine. We do not, however, expect it to come in flavors other than vanilla.[Burlapp Cars]


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Wow, its a watered down, lower quality Chevy Malibu for only $2k more. I sense Toyota has a winner on their for stupid Americans.