Sydney Showstopper: Toyota's Aurion Sports Concept

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If you needed any more proof Australia is the new America, check out Toyota's Aurion Sports concept it unveiled at the Sydney auto show this week. Based on its new Aurion sedan — our Camry — the concept was tweaked by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), which has been making a push toward offering branded performance versions of Toyota models in that country. While the concept is just a show car for now, there's little doubt Toyota/TRD will offer a production model sometime next year. And although the Aurion is a front driver in a country that never fully abandoned rear drive for its sedans, TRD hopes to establish a performance presence around its 3.5-liter V6, which in this case may be a supercharged version. Australia: Half the lawyers, twice the fun. [Gallery]

[via World Car Fans]

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