SEMA 2007: Toyota Corolla XRS for 2009

Illustration for article titled SEMA 2007: Toyota Corolla XRS for 2009

From the bolt up a TRD supercharger department comes the 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS in blue. The new Corolla will be available in everything from the standard volume leader to the XRS shown here. The XRS packs the 158 horsepower version of the 2.4 liter engine under the hood with choice of five-speed manual or sequential shift automatic. And even though we prefer our Toyotas older with rear wheel drive, we're sure some enterprising individual will soon figure out how to graft the all-wheel drive Matrix and Corolla sequential transmissions together with a turbo the size of a watermelon in a base Corolla.

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I'd like to propose that if GM sells to cousin-lovin' rednecks (I'm now trying to locate the cousin that looks like Linda Carter) that Toyotas are targeted at boring-ass middle age white bread corporate proles.

I guess that's more of an observation than a proposal.