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2009 Toyota Matrix Unveiled...and Pimped

Illustration for article titled 2009 Toyota Matrix Unveiled...and Pimped

UPDATE: The new 2009 Toyota Corolla was also unveiled — all the shots are here. In addition to the over-pimped 2009 Toyota Corolla we saw a few minutes ago, the Toyota folks also unveiled an over-pimped 2009 Toyota Matrix. Yes, this is the new Matrix, only in an options-addition mode. We're waiting on Bumbeck's shots of the Toyota Performance Parts delete option model from the Hilton across the street — feel free to check these shots out while you wait.

UPDATE: Full gallery of the new 2009 Matrix — the real one — just added below thanks to the mighty Mike Bumbeck!


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Not sure about the hood-scoop, egg crate grill plus mesh front air intake, but that Sweeny Todd slit-throat red paint job is hard to quibble with.