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The artist previously known as the 2010 BMW V5 has been spotted during hot-weather testing and continues to confound everyone of its raison d'etre. Since it's no longer called the V5 apparently, we're just going to refer to it as the Mutt, since it's a mix of pretty much everything. The BMW Mutt appears to be about the size of a 5-series, but sporting a fifth-door hatch and no rear decklid. Completing the Mutt's look is a wide, BMW 7-series-style grille and enough cladding to make a styling guess nearly impossible. Seems to us BMW couldn't be happy with just the niche-UV BMW X6, so they're branching out to blur other segments. Full dazed-and-confused spy report below.

A prototype for BMW's Progressive Activity Sedan—once known as the V5—made another appearance in Death Valley, showing a bit more of its face beneath its heavy camouflage. The large twin-kidney design seems to be inspired by the new 7-series, while the inspiration for the rest of the body is a complete mystery. The genre-bending BMW has in mind is apparent by the stance and overall shape, but our first-hand impression leaves us very curious how the styling will register once the awkward camouflage comes off. We admit to being puzzled by its looks and packaging, and more than a little intrigued as to how (if?) BMW stylings can actually pull off a compelling, salable design.


"Progressive Activity vehicle?" When will they just give up and call it a dang wagon. Cadillac seems to have the balls to do it.


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