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2009 BMW 7-Series Hits Web A Wee Bit Early

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After teasing us with the new 2009 BMW 7-series, BMW's finally revealed the new 7 via an early leak of press photos to the web. After throwing everything at us from a flowbee-equipped mule to the teaser at the German golf outing, they've tossed the next 7-series at us in every way possible but with the kitchen sink. Every time, it's been nothing but a tease. Well, except for that purported leaked press shot. But somehow these small press photos have wiggled their way out onto the web and we've managed to snap 'em up.


After a quick glance we can positively say that despite taking it on the chin for the styling on the current 7-series, it seems BMW has only decided to fix one end of the car. The front end finally looks balanced and although bland, it's at least attractive with the headlights from the CS concept we expected it to receive. The tail end? Well, that's been "blessed" with some really odd, droopy tail lights at the corners. Seems they want to make you look at its ass, even if the only thing you'll do is make fun of it.


Also notable is the new 7 will be abandoning the goofy, column mounted shifter in favor of a more traditional console shift, even if it does look weird. The car will also be getting BMW's internet system, no surprise there, with what appears to be back seat individual monitors which we bet will hook up to the net when the car is in motion. While i-Drive remains, it seems button creep is working it's way into the new 7's cockpit, just as it is for other cars in BMW's lineup. Also, we see faux chrome side vents are continuing their onslaught on our senses with the new 7-Series. Look to hear a lot more about the car very shortly.

Oh and by the way, it's now pretty obvious that "purported" leaked shot of the 2009 BMW 7-Series was more like an "actual" leaked shot. [BMW via WCF]