2009 BMW 7-Series Teases German Golfers

Illustration for article titled 2009 BMW 7-Series Teases German Golfers

The new 2009 BMW 7-Series won't be officially unveiled until next week, but that didn't stop BMW from showing off a larger-than-life teaser image at this past weekend's BMW International Open in Germany. Of course, they had to show something, since the prize for sinking a hole-in-one on the par-three 17th hole was none other than one of the new Bavarian luxo-barges.


This new teaser gives us a nice look at the LED headlights that get their style from the sleek CS Concept. We may not be serious golfers, but we can't wait to see what kind of driver this new 7 is going to be. Wait, what? "Driver" is a golf term? Really? Who knew? [roadfly via 7post] hat tip to Jason!



That car looks pissed off.

Probably grumpy from being bloated for the last decade.