Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Like Honda cars and the wind in the hair freedom an open car provides, but think the S2000 is too ungainly? Well, the circus is in town, and Nice Price or Crack Pipe isn't clowning around with today's candidate.

Yesterday we saw the Lambor-pricy go down in Crack Pipe flames, despite its impeccable restoration and performance creds. Today we're going to look at something a little less credible.

Say you're a clown- and not one of those creepy, child-eating clowns that live under the bed - but a good, friendly clown whose exaggerated grease-paint smile doesn't mask a deep seated psychosis and possible satanic possession. If you are one of these rare and beautiful creatures - all big red shoes, bulbous noses and water-spritzing boutonnieres - then your transportation needs will most likely extend past the simple staccato shuffle of your evil, kid-munching compatriots. And, as clown is not typically a high-wage vocation, you'd want something economical and space efficient- especially the latter as who want's to see a dozen or so clowns spilling out of a Lincoln Town Car? Nobody, right? So for your pleasure and pecuniary cogitation, we have, as today's contestant, a very special Honda roadster.

Now, the Honda 600Z coupe, a derivation of the 600 sedan, would never be confused with anything from the livery trade, but even that car had room for improvement - if you happen to possess a clown's proclivities for such comically diminutive conveyances - and that's where today's candidate comes in.


Offered up on eBay for $16,500 in non-clown money, this custom 1972 600 has had a healthy chunk of wheelbase removed, along with the top. The car is listed as a roadster, and lacking side glass and a full top, it meets the traditional meaning of that description to a T. It might also fit you, and several of your clown friends, although the open top may spoil some of the surprise when you all pop out like so many babies from Octomom's generous womb. With a claimed ability to do 65 mph, and $3,000 worth of audio already in place, you'll also be the coolest clown in town when you show up in this Bozo-nose red beauty.

But what if you're not a friendly clown? What if you are a fiendish, evil clown? A demented and tortured soul dragged straight from the brimstone mountains of hell, and forced to walk the earth - your comically-colored hair still smoldering - in search of children to devour? How would you meet your child-eating quota? Well, you too, Mr. Creepy Clown, would want a ride such as this '72 Honda, with its lockable trunk, Satan-approved color, and Honda reliability.

So, without further adieu, what's your take on $16,500 for a car you could clown around in? Is that a seltzer bottle full of Nice Price? Or, is that price a Crack Pipe cream pie in the face?


you decide!


eBay or go here if the ad disappears.