Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If your sport of choice is reindeer games, and you are uncomfortable thinking outside the box, then Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a four by four for you. And it's one that'll have you saying how Swede it is.

Yesterday saw a candidate that appeared to be AWOL from Ice Station Zebra's mail route. Despite the lack of info and claim of immobility, the $5,700 asking price seemed reasonable enough to 57% of you, garnering the arctic Jeep a place in the Nice Price Hall of Fame.


What if that Jeep wasn't off-roadie enough for you? What if you need something with a little more ground clearance - and forward-control - to rock your world? Well then here's a Volvo to do just that. Debuting in 1959 as a multi-purpose vehicle for the Swedish military (think Hummer driven by blonde people) the L23-series served as a test-run, with 90 of the forward-control trucks built before being replaced by the L33. That model traded the L23's three-main B16 with the sturdy five-main B18 (the Guinness world record holder for mileage is a B18-powered P1800 with over 2.5 million miles on it!), and was offered as a hard top, half top and open varieties.

Today we have a '67 not-quite-lapis blue Laplander with an asking price of $9,000. The ad offers but two photos and a brief description- including that it currently runs well, and comes with a fetching color-coordinated trailer, PTO-operated winch, and front-mountable blade - but no other detail. Lacking an interior shot, here is a page from the instruction manual so you can get a gander at the fold-out windscreen and never-a-dull-moment collection of drivetrain levers.

The added goodies will help you fulfill your Mr Plow fantasies, and should the current Global Warming hype turn out to be 180° from reality, this will see you through even the harshest of winters.


So, what do you think of this Volvo with an attitude? Does that $9,000 price tag make you want to lap up this Laplander? Or, does that cost make you feel all boxed in?


You decide!


Spokane Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. Hat tip to HammSammich! Mmmm, sammich

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