1967 Mercedes 230S Wagon for $6,500!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

What's better than a vintage 1967 Mercedes Benz 230S? Why, one that's been converted into a wagon of course. But to check this one out, you'll need to make sure your tetanus shots are current.

Last time, the 1973 AMC Javelin eked out a narrow 51% to 49% Nice Price win for its $19,000 asking price. Today, we have a Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate which is a style that's all the rage these days- a German wagon.


A4 Avant, Jetta Diesel, people love these things. Hell, Porsche recently sold their 250,000th Cayenne! Those are all nice and teutonic, but what if you wanted to rock the soccer practice drop-off line old school?

Well, how about a rusty, one-of-only-200, 1967 Mercedes Benz 230S Universal with a roof rack and a 118hp, 2,292 cc six cylinder that likely won't provide for lederhosen-snapping performance? At only $6,500, it's yours to snap up.

The seller erroneously states that this was built by Universal, when in reality Universal was the style of the car– basically a station wagon. These were not line-built by Daimler Benz, but were sedans modified by one of three coachbuilders - Miessen, Binz, or the Belgium-based IMA. This one is the latter, as evidenced by its VIN tag. IMA was the only company officially sanctioned by DB to build the family-hauling panzers.


The Universals were mostly built as ambulances and hearses, although some like this one went into less macabre service. At a 35% price premium over the stately 230S sedan, the Universal cost over $6 grand back in 1967. That's a lot of bratwurst, and more than double the price of a Camaro SS396 from the same year.

The one offered here has non-factory air, and lots of non-factory rust. In fact, the amount of road rot would probably negate the effectiveness of the A/C, if it were working. The seller claims that all body panels are available from Daimler Benz, so maybe restoration wouldn't involve english wheels and buying stock in the Bondo Corporation.


The seller also calls out "rare" 15-inch wheels, a column-mounted 4 speed shifter, and the fact that it has not turned a wheel in anger since 1986 when it invaded Ohio from its adopted home of Florida. But hey, if it were a runner, where would the challenge be?

So is this a project car that's Eva Braun beautiful and blitzkrieg priced? Or is the seller polishing his Luger P08, while sitting in a bunker of denial?


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Chest bump to SCROGGZILLA for the tip.

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