1965 Morris Minor For $13,500 Canadian!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

We all know that old British cars have not been proven to be the most durable, but with today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe car, we guarantee all your problems will be Minor ones.

Yesterday, an impressive 98% of you took a grim view of the grim reaper Malibu. Today, we're going transatlantic by way of Canada, so don't forget to bring your passport.


Hoping to avoid the mistakes made following WWI, the United States and her allies created the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in order to administer the Marshall Plan at the end of the Second World War. The Plan was intended to provide war-shocked European nations with the capital and means to jump start their economies, as well as to stave off the encroaching commies.

One of the objectives was to get Europeans back on into manufacturing cars, engendering travel, trade, and tourism. For this to have happened, factories were rebuilt, and new car designs spilled from drafting tables across the continent. Due to post-war material and resource shortages, most of the new car designs were small, frugal and, in many ways, very innovative. In Germany there were the Messerschmitts and Isettas, in Italy the Fiat 500, in France the 2CV, and in England, the subject of today's quandary; the Morris Minor.

The Alec Issigonis-designed family car debuted at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show in several guises: 2 and 4-door saloons, a convertible, the lovely ash-framed Traveller wagon, as well as panel van and pick up models. It was truly the car for the British everyman, and came in a version that would appeal to anyone.

The Minor 1000 arrived in 1956 and took its name from the updated 948 A-series motor under its prominent bonnet. This engine, backed up by the sturdy BMC 4-speed manual provided a top speed of nearly 70 miles per hour, and a zed to 60 time of- well, let's just say Minor drivers should plan to never be in a hurry.


Today we have a fully restored Canadian Minor from 1965 in a lovely shade of English white, with a complementing red interior to jazz things up. It is powered, modestly, by the 5-main 1275 A-series, a simple and bullet-proof engine if there ever was one. The Weber carb should rightfully be replaced by a proper pair of inch and a quarter SUs, but other than that, this car appears sound as a pound.

As the car is located in Calgary, it is expected that the thirteen-five asking price is in those dollars with the fancy lady on them, rather than those with the gents in lady's hairdos. That being said, $13,500 Canadian works out to about $12,300 Obamabucks. That's not too bad, and a lot less than what it would cost to do a restoration on a Minor yourself. But still, this is but the lowly coupe, not the more desirable convertible or Traveller, so you'll have to think whether this was the right model for the seller to restore.


So, for that price, is this '65 Minor your cup of tea? Or do do you think that price is too major for this minor?

You decide!


Kijiji Calgary or go here, if the ad disappears. Thanks to Boosted Lego Wagon for the tip


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