The V8 is a classic engine configuration with a classic accepted noise, but there are actually a ton of different sounds that you can get out of eight cylinders in a vee.

There are big V8s and little V8s. There are lumpy cam low-idle V8s and flat plane high-rev V8s. You can find them with open headers and eight-into-one tubular exhausts. Some have superchargers, others have turbos.

And these all have very different sounds.


But I think we can all agree that the ones that sound the best are the ones that sound like Planet Earth is being pulled apart at its seams, and a rumbling, hissing, torrent of death is about to engulf your pitiful existence.

So which V8 do you think sounds the most like that?


Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz. Pictured is the Mercedes M119 twin-turbo V8 that powered the Sauber C9 and Mercedes C11 prototypes that took on Le Mans in 1989 and ‘90. Listen to it thunder below.

Not bad, huh?