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I am of the opinion that carmakers should never skimp on interiors because that is where most car owners actually spend the majority of their time. Volvo makes some of the finest leather-and-metal inside bits in the business, and Tesla wants in on some of that sweet luxury feel. So it poached Volvo’s chief interior engineer to do it.

This, for example, is the Tesla Model X, and while it’s not exactly a prison, it’s not exactly sumptuous either for all that money you pay:

Photo credit: Michael Ballaban/Jalopnik

Anders Bell, who was Volvo’s head of interior engineering until very recently, has jumped ship to be a senior director of engineering at Tesla, according to his LinkedIn profile, reports Electrek. 


While he was at Volvo, he was responsible for:

functional areas such as instrument panel, centre console, all interior surface materials, air bags, seat belts, cargo restraints, front and rear seat systems, door panels, overhead system, luggage trim, interior light, interior soft and hard trim.

Image credit: Raphael Orlove

Bell also helped launch the Volvo XC90, S90 and V90 interiors. If you’ve experienced any of these cars, you’ll know that their interiors are some of the best, most beautiful and highest quality currently on the market.

Since Tesla’s interior quality is something that people complain about the most, it’s good that the carmaker is listening and doing something to fix the problem.


Can you imagine a Tesla with this look? That would be something good.

Image credit: Raphael Orlove
Image credit: Raphael Orlove
Image credit: Raphael Orlove
Image credit: Raphael Orlove