BMW Recalling 200,000 Vehicles Due To Airbag Non-Deployment Issues

BMW announced today that it was recalling approximately 200,000 vehicles because a sensor issue might stop the front passenger airbag from deploying. The issue comes from small cracks that could develop within a seat detection mat, causing the airbag to be deactivated. Affected are MY 2006 3-series and MY 2004-2006… »8/13/08 3:00pm8/13/08 3:00pm

Be the SUV: Bruce Lee Shills for BMW in Spain, Unbeknownst to Him

None but the most rabid of TV geeks remember the early 1970s show "Longstreet." It was about a blind insurance investigator whose life coach was an antique dealer and martial arts instructor, played by the late Bruce Lee. "Be formless, like water" was one of the instructor's tenets, as was "don't get run over"… »10/03/06 4:01pm10/03/06 4:01pm

BMW Drops The New 2007 X3 On An Unsuspecting UK; US Version To Follow

Ooh, those spy shots from this morning sure were prescient, weren't they? BMW is capitalizing on the PR two-fer today — spy shots in the AM, real shots in the late AM — and talking up the two-fer in changes to the new-for-2007 Beemer SUV. The big story's the engine on the 3.0sd. It's a twin-turbo 3.0-litre diesel… »6/27/06 12:05pm6/27/06 12:05pm

BMW Bringing X3 Hybrid Concept to Frankfurt, Uses New System of Super Capacitors

In addition to a new M Coupe, BMW will show a new, hybrid-drive X3 concept at the Frankfurt show. The hyboo prototype will be powered by BMW's (formerly) super-secret system of super capacitors we reported on two months ago. The system's specially designed capacitors, called Syncaps, are charged by regenerative… »8/23/05 3:48pm8/23/05 3:48pm