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We've mostly decided we're tired of SUVs. We've owned one for three years, and the utility is fantastic, and worked wonderfully for us for a while. But now that we rarely drive (and if we do, it's often in a press or rental car), we're thinking about ditching ours for something that's well, more fun. Also, we're tired of SUV assholes, and if there's any relation between Americans and their British forefathers, well, check out the bit after the jump.

In a survey of the most common vehicles nicked for speeding, the X3, X5 and XC90 were all implicated in the top ten. What does this tell us? The article's author links it to the power of the vehicle. But c'mon, the Z4 and the 330i were also indicted. Obviously, the problem is assholes, not the cars. (Heartfelt apologies to Momma Wert, the Quandt family and Chris Bangle.)

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