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BMW X3 Powetrain Mule Probably Cooler Than BMW X3

Illustration for article titled BMW X3 Powetrain Mule Probably Cooler Than BMW X3

What can be said about the BMW X3 that we haven't already been through? It's a compact SUV which would be better off as a four-by-four station wagon, just as AMC showed us. Funny thing though when you're developing a new X3 to come out sometime before 2011, you may need to wrap the test power train in something other than the final sheetmetal — like the modified body of an E91 3-series station wagon. Another funny thing about the situation is the resultant car looks freakin' great! With this mule we're really beginning to wonder if the X3 wouldn't be better off this way. What do you think? [Bimmerfile]


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I would have to say what is the point? The garden variety 328Xi wagon would have the same utility and drive better because of the normal ride height. The nice thing about the X3 is the cargo room gained from a taller greenhouse and even though you are not going to go rock crawling it has adequate off-road ability for most people who need to drive through a snow drift or down a rutted dirt road. Audi went down that path with the Allroad and they ended up dropping it. The 328Xi is a great car by the way. I got to drive one for a day and if they put the twin turbo in there I would be tempted to buy one for a daily if I didn't need to run over things and crawl over rocks.