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Here it is, the first prototype we've seen for the new 2009 BMW X3 on the streets (and above at the BMW test facility) of Munich. Even with all of the plastic and tape in the shots below you can tell how much sleeker the new X3's going to look in comparison to the current model. Which makes sense as the new X3 is reportedly based on stretched and widened 3-series platform. It even appears like some of the strange look of the BMW X6 is crossing over — especially from the A-pillar to the C-pillar. All of this is combining to give it a look the spy shooters at KGP are calling "more sportwagen." Full report from our spy shooter after the jump.

The first prototype for BMW's all-new X3 has broken cover, and we have snagged our first full set of photos on the streets of Munich. Despite the camouflage, the sleekness of the revamped X3's new shape is unmistakable. There appears to be some of the X6's smooth greenhouse flow from the A- to C-pillars, but without the sacrifice to rear headroom and cargo space. From this first look, it seems that a little more "sportwagen" has crept into the new X3's design brief.

The new X3 is reportedly based on the 3-series platform, but it has been stretched and widened to add some additional functionality to the shape.

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