WTCC Race of Macau Devolves into Shitshow

After a largely uneventful race 1, race 2 of the WTCC Guia Race of Macau was marred by 2 lengthy red flags. The first, giffed above, happened on the first turn of the race when Norbert Michelisz lost control of his Honda Civic and set off a chain reaction. Pepe Oriola, when asked how he made it through the wreckage,… »11/17/13 8:21am11/17/13 8:21am

WTCC Champion Rob Huff Involved In Wreck With Possible Street Racers

WTCC World Champion Rob Huff seems to have been involved just minutes ago in an accident caused by a pair of street racers. Huff, who was driving his Camaro in England, was an unlucky an innocent victim here, as the two probable street racers collided in the opposite lane, which sent them careening into Huff's Camaro. »5/24/13 3:05pm5/24/13 3:05pm