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Swedish racing driver Thed Björk—who is probably not related to that great Icelandic paragon of musical weirdness Björk Guðmundsdóttir, but whatever—is your new World Touring Car Champion. Yes, there is a racing driver who shares a name with our muse—and he’s a winner.

Björk is the first Swede to ever win a WTCC title. He finished fifth in the season finale at Losail International Circuit, but that was enough to clinch the championship with 28.5 points more than the next competitor, Norbert Michelisz. Björk’s Polestar Cyan Racing team also clinched the manufacturers’ WTCC title there.


Polestar Cyan Racing also is near and dear to Jalopnik’s heart by racing kick-ass Volvo S60 touring cars. More Swedish luxury race cars, please.

My only hope is that the musical Björk also notices this somehow, because why not? Björk (err, Thed Björk) is world champion, everybody! Don your best swan dress and celebrate!

This is Thed, in the wreath. As far as award ceremony digs goes, it rules.

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