Not content with pwning the World Rally Championship, Pike's Peak, the Race of Champions, the World Touring Car Championship...ah, this list gets long, so I'll stop there, S├ębastien Loeb now wants to dominate team ownership in the WTCC.

It's hard not to like S├ębastien Loeb. He's a man with the opportunity and skill to race all the things, and he does just that. Somewhere in that petite frame of his must be a madman with an insatiable need to win at everything.

Loeb will remain in Citro├źn's factory driver lineup for 2015, but is also starting S├ębastien Loeb Racing to enter yet another pair of Citro├źn C-Elysees next year.

This isn't S├ębastien Loeb Racing's first rodeo as a team, as they've been competing in GT and sportscar racing for a while. However, being alongside the Citro├źn factory team in WTCC shouldn't hurt, either.


Per Citro├źn team principal Yves Matton:

Entrusting the two private Citro├źn C-Elys├ęe WTCCs to SLR was an obvious choice. The two cars will be good-as-new reconditioned 2014 chassis, complete with all the developments we introduce next season.


Ridiculously dominant ex-factory race cars? Sounds like just Loeb's style.

Photo credits: Citro├źn