Citro├źn didn't expect to win the World Touring Car Championship manufacturer's title in its first year of participation, but they did. So, they made a nice little season wrap-up video...and berets. Celebratory berets. Vive le Citro├źn!

Citro├źn has eight World Rally Championship and five Cross Country Rally World Cups under their belts, so they're by no means new to racing. They're just new to being on a racetrack. Where most teams need a development year or two to get up to speed, Citro├źn just came in this year and smashed it in WTCC.

The Citro├źn C-Elys├ęe WTCC cars had an astounding one-two-three-four finish in Race One at Shanghai, including a win for driver Jos├ę Mar├şa L├│pez that placed him one step closer to a driver's championship. Race Two didn't go as well for the Citro├źn team, but Race One was enough to solidify Citro├źn's win.


So, out came the celebratory berets. I wish I had a celebratory hat of my people. I suppose I could always move out of state and then visit Texas as an out-of-towner so it becomes socially acceptable to wear a cowboy hat.

Congratulations, Citro├źn!