It Took A Legendary Woman To Demolish Bernie Ecclestone's Dumb Sexist Comment

It’s almost a non-story when Formula One head troll Bernie Ecclestone makes an embarrassing, sexist comment lately. Unfortunately, racing legend Mario Andretti made some facepalm-worthy statements in agreement this time, too. Then three-time NHRA drag racing champion Shirley Muldowney put it all in perspective.


Female Motorcycle Ownership Is At An All-Time High, And That's Awesome

One of the biggest issues faced by the motorcycle industry is the difficulty of capturing new riders in new segments. Adding more new 50-year-old dudes on Harleys is great and all, but the industry won’t grow if it doesn’t figure out how to sell bikes to women and young people. It must be doing something right,…

Nissan Adding More "Ladies First" Dealerships In Japan To Target Women

A 2012 survey conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, revealed that women alone or jointly with their husbands, make the decisions on seventy-five percent of the major purchases. Nissan understands that car buying in Japan is not just a man's game and aims to cater to this powerful…


What’s driving women away from engineering and auto?

Lauren Fix is known to most as The Car Coach. The auto industry vet went to work for her father's brake company as a teenager, engineering a disc brake system for the 1965-1967 Ford Mustang. She's been racing cars all her life (even during a pregnancy), and later owned and headed a driving school. Now she shares her…