1965 Volkswagen Transporter Walk-Through Panel Van

Welcome to Down On The Street »11/24/08 9:00am11/24/08 9:00am, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. I know what many of you DOTS aficionados are saying now. You're saying "Hey, didn't we just a mere two ago? What about that '78 Power Wagon we still haven't seen?" However, the…

The Shitty Splitty Triumphs Over Tennessee Rust... For Now

Of all the cars we saw at the Billetproof Nor-Cal »9/25/08 4:40pm9/25/08 4:40pm show in Antioch, this split-window VW Type 2 pickup was the hands-down winner of our Rustiest Vehicle Award. Originally a plumber's work truck in Tennessee (you can just barely make out the lettering on the sides), this Transporter became so rust-ravaged that it was…

Volkswagen Bus Syncro: Ready For South African Hoonage

We caused some disgruntlement among VW Transporter fanatics aficionados when we opined that perhaps the little rear-engined vans were on the sluggish side. Today we're going to regruntle our Type 2-loving friends by sharing this VW ad that demonstrates- in fact, encourages- off-road hoonage of the sort you'd normally… »6/25/08 11:00am6/25/08 11:00am