Watch Sir Patrick Stewart’s Documentary On Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Patrick Stewart is apparently a huge racing fan and made a documentary about one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, Sir Stirling Moss. Watch it, because it's the best thing ever filmed. » 1/23/13 5:40pm 1/23/13 5:40pm

30 Years Of Sir Stirling Moss Being Awesome

Britain has given the world more Formula-1 World Champions than any other nation. The list includes Jackie Stewart (3), Jim Clark (2), Graham Hill (2), Mike Hawthorn (1), John Surtees (1), James Hunt (1), Nigel Mansell (1), Damon Hill (1), Lewis Hamilton (1) and Jenson Button (1). » 1/17/13 3:20pm 1/17/13 3:20pm

The Story Behind The World's Greatest Photo Of Sir Stirling Moss

It's been a winner for me for a few years now. Indeed it's become a bit of a 'Hero Shot' on my portfolio, such was its popularity. What makes it a winner? The ingredients. A world famous racing driver who is a household name globally, a bright red Italian racing car, a gorgeous blonde, lingerie, sunshine and blue… » 3/26/12 12:00pm 3/26/12 12:00pm

Sir Stirling Moss joins the Knights of the Round Bottom

Variety, friends, is the spice of life. Sir Sterling Moss gets this, and is apparently equally happy driving something as nose heavy as a Ferrari 250GT SWB as he is nuzzling up to something with trunk-mounted motivation. Like a 911. » 5/18/11 2:00pm 5/18/11 2:00pm

Sir Moss, Your Chariot Awaits

A close-up shot at La Chartre of the Moss/Fairman Aston Martin DBR1 that retired three hours into the 1959 Le Mans isn't the only amazingness found in a killer set of atmospherics from the race. [10Tenths Motorsport via Hemmings] » 12/07/10 9:00am 12/07/10 9:00am

Stirling Moss Crashes $1.7 Million Vintage Porsche

Sir Stirling Moss' $1.7M Porsche RS 61 Spyder was crashed into during warm up laps ahead of the Monterey Reunion. Moss is reportedly out of contention for the weekend's activities, but physically just fine. Pissed, but fine. [Twitter] » 8/13/10 4:45pm 8/13/10 4:45pm

At 80, You Will Want To Live Like Stirling Moss

His elevator may be wonky, but Sir Stirling is definitely living the life. After all, what ‘50s racing hero gets this kind of attention while sitting in his ex-teammate’s Maserati? » 7/29/10 5:15pm 7/29/10 5:15pm

This is Stirling Moss's Ankle-Shattering Carbon Fiber Elevator

Made of carbon fiber by Williams, this elevator cabin was not there for Sir Stirling last Saturday when he plunged three floors to break both ankles. » 3/09/10 3:45pm 3/09/10 3:45pm

F1 Hero Sterling Moss Falls Down Elevator Shaft, Breaks Ankles

Retired Formula One driver and all-around hero Sir Stirling Moss fell three stories down an open elevator shaft yesterday, chipping four vertebrae, breaking both ankles and cracking four bones in his foot. Don't worry, according to doctors he'll be fine. » 3/08/10 9:30am 3/08/10 9:30am

Sir Stirling Moss Is A Huge Nerd

Not only is Moss the greatest racing driver ever and the star of a Royal Mail stamp collection, he also puts many a young nerd to shame with his extra-geeky home in London built in 1962. » 6/04/09 9:30am 6/04/09 9:30am

The Grand Prix For British Philatelic Immortality

In 2007, Royal Mail issued a set of stamps commemorating Britain’s Formula One greats. With six slots for eight world champions and Sir Stirling Moss, the stage was set for a philatelic battle royale. » 6/03/09 4:00pm 6/03/09 4:00pm