This is Stirling Moss's Ankle-Shattering Carbon Fiber Elevator

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Made of carbon fiber by Williams, this elevator cabin was not there for Sir Stirling last Saturday when he plunged three floors to break both ankles.

His ankles have now been operated on. In a London hospital close to his home, he has begun his recovery, which is expected to take six weeks.


According to a press release issued by Sir Stirling’s family, this is what happened:

The accident occurred as a consequence of falling down three floors in the lift shaft at his home. The door to the lift, that should have remained locked if the lift was not on the floor that it was called from, opened in error. He stepped into the narrow open shaft in the expectation that the lift would be present for him to walk into, as it should have been.


Accidents like this are probably the only downside of living in a geek paradise of a townhouse in central London. As you may recall from a video produced by The Times of London in 2008, Sir Stirling happens to inhabit a geek paradise of a townhouse in central London:

Broken bones and long hospital stays are serious matters for a nonagenarian like Moss, but humor has not left the lovable doyen of motor racing. From a post in his Twitter feed, most likely relaying a message from a fan who can appreciate his eternal cool:

I see Stirling Moss is still living the high-adrenaline dream. Bungee jumping in a lift shaft at the age of 80.


Photo Credit: Sir Stirling Moss